A cura di: Mirtilli Morgana, Mara Saviotti, Maria Grazia Fumagalli

Edizioni: La Scuola

Not just a book but a PROJECT!

Ci@o.it and Superci@o.it, are both courses for the teaching and learning of Italian as a foreign language. The authors are expert educators of the italian region of Lombardy, and present linguistic skills and authentic cultural material through an intercultural perspective.

Also, the rich supplemental materials, including Internet and multimedia resources, facilitate the expansion of content-based units that support interdisciplinary instruction. These courses are designed to fulfill USA National objectives in accordance with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

Corso di lingua italiana, grade K-8.

Ci@o.it is a three level course aimed at students from 5 to 13:

  • Vol 1: Grade K-1
  • Vol 2: Grade 2-4
  • Vol 3: Grade 5-8


Corso di lingua italiana per Scuola superiore, grade 9-12.

Superci@o.it is a four level course aimed at students from 14 to 18, High School:

  • Vol 1A: Grade 9
  • Vol 1B: Grade 10
  • Vol 2: Grade 11
  • Vol 3: Grade 12

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