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Italian First Year, Second Edition is designed to give students a comprehensive review and thorough understanding of the elements of Italian language normally covered during the first year of study. The book aims to incorporate and reflect the National Standards for Foreign Language: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.


  • ·         Topical organization into parts and chapters allows for maximum flexibility of use by teachers and students.
  • ·         Concise explanations of grammatical structures are illustrated by clear examples in which key elements are typographically highlighted.
  • ·         Open-ended writing activities provide engaging contexts and writing topics that enable students to show their proficiency with grammar, usage, and vocabulary in a personal, creative way.
  • ·         Mastery Exercise in each chapter offers practice of grammatical aspects in the chapter and previously covered elements.
  • ·         Part 4 (Word Study) contains a chapter on Italian synonyms and antonyms, and a chapter on topical vocabulary; both very useful reference sources.
  • ·         Overview of Italian and Italian-American cultures allows students to become familiar with the background of native speakers of Italian. This updated cultural section (written in English) provides a wealth of information about Italian and Italian-American culture in clear and readable narratives.
  • ·         Systematically recycled and carefully controlled vocabulary enables students to concentrate on structural practice throughout the grammatical chapters.
  • ·         The Italian-English and English-Italian end-vocabularies present words occurring in exercises throughout the book.
  • ·         A complete appendix provides students with model verb tables, principal parts of common regular verbs, along with basic rules of Italian punctuation, syllabication, and stress.

New in the Second Edition:

1. Improved layout and new two-color design.

2. Streamlined instruction with most write-on lines eliminated.

3. Updated vocabulary now includes words related to computers and information technology.

4. Exercises with visual cues and communicative exercises have been included throughout the book.

5. A comprehensive grammatical index provides a valuable reference source.

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