Eataly collaborates with IACE to offer unique tours which will offer students an insider’s perspective, exposing them to how bread and mozzarella are made fresh daily at Eataly, to the importance of the Slow Food partnership with many of Eataly’s producers, and to the history of this fast-expanding company. These excursions will culminate in a small cooking demonstration of simple, traditional Italian dishes, fostering healthy eating habits early on and even encouraging young adults to cook at home. Italian vocabulary, phrases and basic grammar will be incorporated along the way, keeping the Italian language ever-present.

Watch the video: Mangia Sano & Parla Italiano – Eat Healthy & Speak Italian at Eataly, NYC with IACE


Location: La Piccola Scuola, (23 W 23rd street, corner of Fifth Ave), New York NY 10010

Time: 09:45am – 12:15pm

Participants: 40 + chaperones

Price: $15 a seat for students. Teachers go for free.



We ask that you please plan ahead when you make your travel arrangements to your specified event; morning traffic is notoriously horrific during the workday. Classes and tours begin at 10 AM, so we ask for all groups to arrive no later than 9:30 AM so that we can arrange tour groups and cooking classes appropriately. Groups that arrive late for their event will have their classes/tours subject to cancellation, NO EXCEPTIONS. Eataly needs to resume normal operating procedures at noon and that will not be possible if events do not begin on time as the cooking class and tour take an hour each to complete. Please keep in mind that the staff at Eataly conducts these events outside of its normal operating hours and we must do everything we can to things run smoothly. 

*Changes to Our Reservation Policy*

Due to the high demand, limited availability and an effort to give as many schools an opportunity to partake in our events as possible, schools will be limited to one reservation per academic year.
Beginning this year and moving forward we will be requiring a 20% deposit to be paid at the time a reservation is made. Teachers will have until six weeks before the date of their scheduled event to cancel and receive a full refund of their deposit. Any cancellations made within less than six weeks of the scheduled event WILL NOT be subject to a refund. Teachers must notify IACE IN WRITING should they need to cancel a reservation.


This new policy will be enforced in order to avoid last minute cancellations which leave us unable to fill with other schools from the waiting list. The facilities we work with have many other business obligations and the events we offer are limited and in high demand. We strive to make sure everyone has a fair opportunity to schedule an event and last minute cancellations are unfair to both other schools and our participating partners.




Calendar 2017-2018

Reservations will be made available on Thursday September 21, 2017 at 11: 00 AM.  


























“I loved this experience…it is the perfect balance of fun, food, and learning. The atmosphere is relaxed so the kids can enjoy themselves, but they know they are there to learn.” – AL, LaGuardia HS 

“It was fun, informative, educational and DELICIOUS!” – GGR, Bristol Central HS

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