Bruna P. Boyle  • Lucrezia Lindia

Caterina va in città

La vita è bella

Il Postino

Stanno tutti bene

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso


Size: 8 1/2 x 11 Pp.: 124 Code: BK-331 Price: $34.95



The book for the preparation for the

AP Italian Language and Culture Exam!


Cinque film italiani consists of five complete AP Exams. The content of the five movies is structured around the six AP themes

(Sfide globali, Scienza e tecnologia, Vita contemporanea, Identità private e pubblicità, Famiglia e società e Bellezza ed estetica).

The purpose of Cinque film italiani is to introduce new vocabulary words, expand students’ cultural knowledge and, most importantly, prepare them well for the AP Italian Language and Culture Exam. The format of each exam is exactly the same as the AP Exam. By completing all five exams, students’ will familiarize themselves with all the directions prior to the AP Exam, and without a doubt, they will perform well on the exam.

contains an Audio Cd

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