The Italian Cultural Institute

in collaboration with

IACE (Italian American Committee on Education)

is pleased to invite you to the launch of:


Morning Italian language classes for adults


Please join us to learn more about the wide selection of morning classes for adults of all levels. La Bella Lingua is the perfect place to achieve fluency in Italian and get fully immersed in the Italian culture. For further information please click here.


Saturday, September 13  


Italian Cultural Institute

686 Park Avenue

New York



 On this occasion author Dianne Hales, acclaimed writer of best seller “La Bella Lingua”) will launch her new book “Mona Lisa”. All perspective students will receive a free signed copy of “La Bella Lingua”.

In “MONA LISA: A Life Discovered” (Simon & Schuster, 2014, $28.00), the author reveals, through years of dogged research, the facts of Lisa’s life. Dianne Hales’s discovery that Lisa Gherardini “was a real woman who lived in Florence 500 years ago” was the beginning of her decades-long quest to know the details of that life, the events and people who would have an influence on the way she lived, and a period that would give rise to a group of uncommonly creative artists who would become the stuff of legend.


A reception-sponsored by IACE- will follow at 6:30pm.

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