As teaching material: Only teachers can access this material, which is used as an expansion and in addition to usual face-to-face teaching. Teachers can select the written, audio, and audio-visual texts of the course and use them in class to further explore topics and enrich lessons with authentic material. The course material also provides activities that can be assigned as individual or group work. This course also includes a range of support materials for the teacher (guides and instructions), with proposals for combining units and ideas to propose expansion activities to students.

There are a total of 15 units in this course; students access authentic material (written, audio, and video), and explore themes related to Italian culture. Each unit includes activities with automatic correction, as well as in-depth grammar and vocabulary sheets. Automatic correction activities are closed-response exercises: the system provides immediate feedback and records the activities and the progress of students, guiding them in the independent and conscious discovery of the language. Open correction activities are written and spoken activities linked to the topics of the units and tailored to the types of tests included in the “Free response” section of the AP exam. These activities are highly motivating for students, and may also include research on the web and group work that encourages written and spoken interaction in Italian. All materials are included in the course, and thus no need for additional materials.

Every course is available until August 31st. After that date, the course must be repurchased.


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