The AP® Italian Language and Culture online course, developed by  ICoN (Italian Culture on the Net)  is an online course for teachers and students.

ICON AP Italian Language and Culture syllabus is officially authorized by the US College Board.

The language course is experienced through an e-learning platform that has multiple functions and allows the delivery of courses both through e-learning and blended learning (lessons are face-to-face and online). Students are enrolled in a virtual classroom complete with instructor guidance. Within the virtual classroom, students are engaged in individual activities, in pairs, small groups, or as a class.

The course is taught in Italian and is one semester long (length can be varied according to the needs).  The course is divided into 15 units. Each unit includes authentic materials or specific learning activities with automatic correction or open correction.


There are 3 Types of activities:

1)Activities with automatic correction: Close-ended activities in which the system provides immediate feedback; activities can be assigned by the teacher as independent tasks or exercises to be performed by the students. Students can repeat these activities whenever they want and the system tracks all actions and scores.

2) Activities graded and discussed by the teacher: Open-ended tasks at the instructor’s suggestion will be corrected on the discussion board. The aim of these tasks is to allow students to practice different modes of communication and gain a broader understanding of the themes and contents of the units. Through these activities, students are asked to solve real-life problems involving authentic and correct use of the Italian language. Students are also asked to write texts and complete research tasks that may include the use of the web and written interaction in Italian.

3) Virtual or face-to-face classroom: In the classroom, the teacher proposes structured activities targeted towards practicing writing and speaking skills. The teacher leads a discussion with the class as a whole, suggesting “food for thought” and activities meant to develop student-driven dialogue


All the teaching materials are included within the online course; therefore there is no need for additional textbooks or materials.


Prerequisites: students are required to have some prior knowledge of Italian (subject to teacher evaluation).


Please note: from September 17 until October 9 2014 there will be free workshops for teachers about the course throughout the US.

Check out dates and locations here.


Price: only $40 for each user to be paid to IACE with check (made out to IACE), credit card (Visa or MasterCard, by calling 212-772-8755 ext.301) or PayPal (the username and password will be sent to the email address provided within 2 working days).


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