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    Arcobaleno in collaboration with IACE presents:   Educational trips to Italy Dear Teacher, We are very excited to introduce the collaboration with Arcobaleno Tours ILTE (Italian Language Training and Education) which offers educational and cultural tours to various Italian Regions. We have sustained a professional relationship with Arcobaleno ILTE for over 8 years, always...

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“Mangia sano & parla italiano” in collaboration with the International Culinary Center and Barilla

  Italian Cooking Classes  in collaboration with The International Culinary Center Sponsored by Barilla        Celebrity Chef Cesare Casella with IACE students   These classes are held by the professional chefs of the International Culinary Center, who will present recipes to the students both with pasta secca and pasta fresca. Students will also learn Italian culinary...

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A cura di: Mirtilli Morgana, Mara Saviotti, Maria Grazia Fumagalli Edizioni: La Scuola Not just a book but a PROJECT! and, are both courses for the teaching and learning of Italian as a foreign language. The authors are expert educators of the italian region of Lombardy, and present linguistic skills and authentic cultural...

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America Oggi

“Istituiti nuovi corsi di Italiano” – article

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