The teaching materials of the course and the tools of the virtual classroom are used to support and integrate face-to-face teaching: for example the class teacher can use the automatic correction tasks for the individual work of the student, or else propose activities and tasks on the forum of the virtual classroom, to which all students are enrolled. Through the platform tracking tools, the teacher can continuously monitor and assess the progress of teaching. This mode allows flexible and customizable teaching interventions to be designed, alternating face-to-face meetings and time online depending on educational requirements and the needs of students. Technically speaking, the course can be used both on a PC and on mobile devices (iPads, tablets, and smartphones) and can therefore adapt to the different technological needs and tools of students and schools.

Teacher’s courses are available until August 31st. After that date, the course must be repurchased.

Students’ courses are available until June 15th.

Fee: $115.00

1 free teacher every 10 students


To purchase the course teachers must send a list of students’ name and email addresses at

Payments can be made by the school via check (made payable to IACE and sent to IACE, 686 Park Ave LL, New York NY 10065)

Once the payment has been received, all the students’ passwords will be sent to the teacher within 2 business days.