Classes held every Monday at 6:30 pm for 11 sessions with a focus on conversational fluency, expression and culture.  

Location: Columbus Foundation Townhouse at 8 East 69th Street.

Fee $300.


                In the event you are not sure of your level, we will provide placement guidance.


Beginners l:  Introduction to the Italian language, grammar, pronunciation and culture for students who have not studied Italian.  Study basic expressions and structures; introduce present and future tenses.

Beginners l(a):  Continue work on conversational development involving basic expressions and structures; reinforce and practice present and future tenses; introduce the past (passato prossimo.)

Beginners 2:  Introduce and practice speaking and writing in  more complex tenses:  past (passato prossimo), imperfect, conditional; continue development of proper pronunciation and conversational fluency.

Intermediate l:  Review and reinforce use of  grammar learned in previous levels; introduce more complex structures, with added emphasis on speaking and presentation skills.

Intermediate 2:  Introduction to Italian literature (i.e. novels, short stories); continue study  of advanced grammar; develop and practice conversational fluency and presentation skills.

Advanced:  Enhance and reinforce understanding of Italian literature (i.e. novels, short stories, poetry) and culture ; review complex grammar and fine- tune conversational-presentation skills.


For registration forms and information about the classes contact or call 646 320 0372.