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Take a trip to Italy without leaving NYC! Together with IACE, Sottocasa-Boerum Hill is happy to offer you a real Italian experience in the pizza world. We are what we eat, and we are very proud of our pizza, made with the best and the freshest ingredients. We only use the most refined Italian Flour, from Naples, yeast and water for the dough, that rises for 48 hours before being used. At Sottocasa our pizzaiolo will show you the ancient technique of stretching the dough: moving the air bubbles out to the side is one of the secret to get a wonderful cornicione, while your instructor will guide you through all the cultural and linguistic aspects associated with this marvelous experience. Find out about the history of pizza while watching a demonstration about how to make a great pizza in our wood fired oven, shipped from Naples, IT. Very simple ingredients make a big difference. Taste our fresh fior di latte together with some warm focaccia, baked on the spot. It’s the same mozzarella that will land on your margherita pizza! Basic Italian vocabulary, tradition and culture will be covered along the way.

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Location: Sottocasa-Boerum Hill, 298 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Time: 10:00am – 11:30am

Participants: 25 + chaperones (middle school and high school students only)

Price: $20 a seat for students. Teachers go for free.

Pizza time!


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