IACE is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration with Ferrero Industries and Cornell Tech University. Ferrero’s Open Innovation Science division seeks to drive discovery, evaluation and integration plans of relevant external science, technology and entrepreneurial innovations. Their strategic approach is based on discovering opportunity areas at the intersection of technology, macrotrends, and Ferrero business priorities. Alongside Cornell University students, faculty, and other innovative companies at The Bridge, Ferrero will explore technologies and innovations that could improve products and operations, deliver optimization of nutritional value, drive improvements to product protection and packaging, and identify biotech transformations.


Tour Schedule

Hour 1: Cornell Tech University Campus visit and studio tour

Hour 2: Open Innovation Science (OIS)

  • Students will be split into groups of 3-4 for a “Science Fair” tour of the office
    • Science Fair: 3-4 stations, focused on different OIS activities
      • Students will visit each station, view a short interactive demo and poster session focused on science and technology areas where OIS is active (e.g. food, computer, advanced materials and nutrition)
      • At each station, students will answer a few short “quiz” questions
        • Some questions will be interactive (such as a Nutella blind tasting*) while others will be based on the demo or poster
      • Contest Results: Winners of the quiz questions will receive coupons for a personalized Nutella Jar from the Nutella Cafe
  • Refreshments: Ferrero products and menu items from the Nutella Cafe will be served

*Updates regarding allergens available upon request


Location: Cornell Tech University, 2 W Loop Rd, New York, NY 10044

Time: 09:45am – 12:15pm

Participants: 40 + chaperones

Price: $15 a seat for students. Teachers go for free.



Please be on time and arrive by 9:30 AM. When making travel arrangements, keep in mind that morning traffic is notoriously bad during workdays. Field trips are subject to cancellation for groups that arrive late. No Exceptions.

2019 Calendar

Friday, March 29th, 2019