Opera is one of Italy’s proudest achievements and an excellent Italian language learning tool.

IACE, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Opera House proudly invites high school students and teachers to the final Dress Rehearsal in Manhattan. Students enjoy a full performance as the music, staging and lighting are rehearsed for the last time before Opening Night!

Tickets are only $20 a seat for students and their parents. Teachers go for free.


LUISA MILLER (Giuseppe Verdi)

March 16 2018, 10:30 am

Metropolitan Opera House in New York


Here is a link to the website information on Luisa Miller, with summary, synopsis, etc.


The rehearsal will run 3hours and 28 minutes and will have two intermissions.

The timing is: Act 1 – 64 minutes; intermission 30 minutes; Act 2 – 42 minutes, intermission 30 minutes and Act 3 – 42 minutes.

The rehearsal will end at approximately 2:30 pm.

During the first intermission, the students can have their lunches (they will sit on the floor in the lobby with their lunches). We can send detailed information to the school and teachers once you have identified the class/schools.