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I can understand key words and simple expressions that are highly contextualized and predictable, such as those found in introductions and basic courtesies.
I understand words and phrases including simple questions, statements, and high-frequency commands dealing with areas of practical need.
I often require repetition, rephrasing, a slower rate of speech, or extralinguistic support for comprehension. I am able to get a limited amount of written information from highly predictable texts in which the topic or context is very familiar.
I can interact in a simple way, provided that the other person speaks slowly, clearly and is willing to collaborate. I can communicate short messages on highly predictable, everyday topics and I do so primarily through the use of isolated words and short phrases. I may be difficult to understand even by interlocutors accustomed to non-native speech. I can supply limited written information on simple forms and documents, and other basic biographical information.
I am more accurate when writing on well-practiced, familiar topics using limited formulaic language but the writing sometimes may be difficult to understand.

I am able to understand simple, sentence-length speech, in a variety of basic personal and social contexts like family, school, personal interests and leisure. Comprehension is most often accurate with highly familiar and predictable topics although a few misunderstandings may occur. I can face typical daily situations while traveling in Italy. There often are gaps in understanding due to a limited knowledge of the vocabulary and structures of the spoken language.
I can understand written information conveyed in simple, predictable, loosely connected texts although relying heavily on contextual clues.
I am able to handle successfully uncomplicated tasks and social situations requiring an exchange of basic information related to my work, school, recreation, particular interests, and areas of competence. Conversation is generally limited to those predictable and concrete exchanges necessary for survival in the target culture.
I am able to write simple messages and letters, requests for information, and notes and compositions meeting practical writing needs, about personal preferences, daily routines, common events, and other personal topics.

I can understand the main ideas and most supporting details in connected discourse on a range of topics of general interest, such as news stories, explanations, instructions, anecdotes, or travelogue descriptions. I am able to compensate for limitations in my lexical and structural control of the language by using real-world knowledge and contextual clues. I may also derive some meaning from oral texts at higher levels if I have familiarity with the topic or context.
I can understand fully and with ease short, non-complex texts that convey basic information and deal with personal and social topics related to their work, school, recreation, particular interests, and areas of competence.
I can narrate and describe in all major time frames using connected discourse of paragraph length, but not all the time. I can generally be understood by native speakers unaccustomed to dealing with non-natives.
I am able to meet all practical writing needs and I can write compositions and simple summaries related to work and/or school experiences. I can narrate and describe in different time frames when writing about everyday events and situations. The style essentially corresponds to those of the spoken language. My writing, even with errors, is generally comprehensible by native speakers.


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