IACE Summer Program 

Narni (Terni)


Dates to be announced in April 2020


IACE invites all schools that have an Italian program in the tri-state area to participate in the Summer Program – a scholarship trip to study Italian in Italy.

For the tenth year the Summer Program will be organized thanks to the exceptional collaboration with the Narnia Festival and International Summer Training Program. In July the Narnia Arts Academy and the City of Narni will offer a rich program of events, workshops, shows and tours, a mixture of music, art and culture that will attract Italian young artists in the beautiful city of Narni and offer the winners of the Summer Program the opportunity to know the Umbrian history and to interact with Italian students. Two chaperons will be with the winners at all time. Every morning of the trip the students will indulge in Italian language lessons just before exploring some of Italy’s most beautiful and enchanting locations.




Step 1 — Apply


Pre-selection. Teachers are invited to pick up to 2 of their most proficient Italian students and fill out the Application form online.

Project. Each pre-selected student is asked to create an original multimedia project (Youtube video, Prezi etc.; lenght: 2/3 minutes) in Italian on the following topic: “L’Italiano sul palcoscenico di Narni”. Please see this sample video as a reference. The project of each student, in the form of a URL address, must be uploaded by the teacher in the Application form. Please note that this year we do not accept group projects.

Eligibility. Since it is our objective to give opportunities to as many students as possible, we kindly ask teachers to give preference to those who have never participated in an IACE study-vacation experience.
  • be between the ages of 13 and 18
  • have the parents’ written permission to participate
  • have good comprehension of the Italian language
  • be able to provide costs for registration fee ($150) and travel to and from Italy (approx. $1500)
  • already possess a U.S. passport or green card
  • Schools must have paid the $100 IACE Membership to participate.





Step 2 — Selection

BY MAY 7th

Notification of winners. Successful applicants and their teachers will be notified of their selection via email.

Selection Criteria. Evaluation and judging is conducted by an IACE Selection Committee, which consists of 3 IACE Board members. The selection committee reads and evaluates all properly completed applications in order to select the most promising applicants and to identify a number of alternates.

Committee members will consider several factors, such as:

  • intellectual interests and connection with the themes proposed;
  • likelihood that the experience will enhance the applicant’s interest in the study of the Italian language;

Step 3 — Submit Travel Forms

BY MAY 17th

Winners have until May 17th to accept or decline the offer and submit all the required forms:

  • Parent Authorization form inclusive of assumption of risk and waiver, health history and media release form (the link to the form will be sent via email to all winners)
  • Payment of registration fee and airfare



MAY 28 5:00pm-7:00pm

Award Ceremony and Orientation Session. During the Award Ceremony at Italian Cultural Institute of New York (686 Park Avenue – New York NY 10065) winners will receive the plane ticket and the certificate; the ceremony will be followed by a seminar held by the Director of the program and the chaperones.


All students must travel with the group, no extensions for personal or family reasons are allowed before or after the trip.
The only expenses that the students need to pay will be the registration fee ($150) and the airfare from New York to Italy and from Italy back to New York along with personal spending money. IACE will purchase all airline tickets at a discount, but due to high season and the destination, expect the cost to be around $1500 – please note that the tickets are not refundable (no exceptions).

The group will be chaperoned at all times by two dedicated teachers. The students will have full time accommodation at the Ostello Sant’Anna (www.ostellocentrosperanza.it).

Every weekday there will be:

  • Italian language classes in the morning (15 hours per week)
  • Cultural and recreational activities in the afternoon and 3 full-day excursions (detailed program coming soon).