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Your membership is tremendously important to us, and we look forward to welcoming you!

As a IACE member, you will be part of a network of teachers and students who are committed to the study and promotion of the Italian language in the Tri-State area.
Your IACE membership is valid for 12 months from the date of subscription and entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Individual $30

o    Workshops for professional development in partnership with Italian and American educational institutions.

o    Library services and lending material at the IACE Library in Manhattan, NY. Our new collection includes a wide range of fairy tales, games and educational toys in addition to multimedia materials on cinema, arts, opera, and theater for children and Aaults. To learn more contact us at (212)772-8755 or at

o    Library services and lending material available at the Italian Resource Center in New Britain, CT. The Center is equipped with books, multimedia materials, and cultural resources indispensable to the teaching and diffusion of the Italian language and culture. For more information or (860)832-0103

o    Educational assistance and consulting service.


  • Institution $100

Includes all the above, plus:

o    Financial support to public and private schools interested in initiating or enhancing Italian language programs.

o    Participation in the IACE Summer Programs in Italy for students matriculated in a school or center affiliated with IACE.

o    Discounts for selected Italian cultural events and performances, such as Italian Operas and Musicals.

o    Discounts on 9-12 day educational tours in Italy for class and/or family trips with Arcobaleno ILTE Travels. Customized itineraries are available upon request.

o    Student exchange programs with schools in Italy during the academic school year.

o    Info on NECTFL, COLT, NYSAFLT, and ACTFL conferences on the teaching of foreign languages. Free or discounted passes if available.

o    The right to vote in the General IACE Assembly.


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